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With the DITA sources on the server and the contenteditable option of HTML5, making small corrections to the DITA sources becomes possible without requiring an XML editor. Just add an author attribute to a section and include our log-in code to allow editing of a specific part of your DITA content by a specific user.

In the section below, various parts have been made editable by various authors. We deliberately included some typos and incorrect data. Log in as Marketting or Engineering and click in a colored section to make corrections to the text.

Don't worry, the save back to DITA code is not activated on this website. Refreshing this page makes the original content reappear.

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We're excited to anounce the new version of our product and we hope you will love it, to. The new festures are listed below.

  • More reliability
  • Longer lifespan
  • Lower pricing
  • Better packaging
  • Support for DITA 2.3
  • Compliant with DITA-OT 13.5

Product Data

Width 2.50 m
Height 1.25 m
Depth 0.75 m
Weight 12.50 kg