Let your DITA fly

With Live DITA, your web delivery becomes faster than agile and fully adaptive. Deliver the perfect output for each device and every user, without the need to store all potential outputs on the web server.


Bootstrap's tagline states mobile-first. But this only concerns the visibility of content and does not take bandwidth into account. Large images may not use any screen real estate, but eat up bandwidth nonetheless. If you happen to be in a remote area, you may never get to see anything, regardless how responsive the page was designed. Live DITA's tagline is adaptive first, responsive second.


Every delivery fits the device and user perfectly, without the need to hide content or drag along a large number of libraries. Adaptive design means every user gets exactly what they need. With Live DITA, filtering content for various audiences is done on the server. Serve every audience with optimal information, without duplicating the topics on the authoring side.


Why not create a purely informational version of your web pages for the visually impaired, instead of forcing them to filter that information from all the graphic design that is created to please the eye of those with 20-20 vision? With Live DITA, you do not need a separate web page for this audience, just use deliveryTarget to have non-essential elements filtered out on demand.