Optimize the content for various devices using deliveryTarget.

The Live DITA code detects which device is requesting a page and filters the content accordingly. This allows using the same DITA source for a range of devices, each of them receiving targeted content without the need to hide anything.

Various options, such as 'phone', 'tablet', 'desktop', 'no-phone' etc. are already defined in the basic package. Others (such as browser brands and versions) can be added on request.

This site on a mini smartphone


Combine content for various user groups via audience.

This allows more efficient reuse of DITA topics. With the Live DITA login component it becomes very easy to have personalized content delivered to various audiences. Experts need only the global procedure steps, while novices require more details, such as a number of substeps.

Another use case concerns confidential information that may be needed by your service engineers when working on customer sites. No longer do you need to maintain completely different websites for customer-facing and confidential content. As long as the user is not properly logged in, the confidential content is filtered out on the server, i.e. it cannot be disclosed in the browser by whatever means an external user might have at their disposal.


Combine information for various products in the same DITA sources and include a method to determine the target product. Use any of the product-related attributes (product, platform, version, etc.) to filter out content that is not relevant to the current user.

If you need a sophisticated user interface around the personalised content, ask us about the projects we have already done for other customers. The Live DITA backbone allows easy adaptation to enable personalised content delivery that suits your company needs like a glove.